Mr. Chunkers Gets a Great New Home

3 Nov

This is the story of Mr. Chunkers adoption as told by his new owner Amanda Harris. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

When checking one day for available dogs in the Baltimore area, my family came across the cutest little face we had ever seen.   ‘Mr. Chunkers’ (now renamed Loki) has brought joy and warmth to our family like no other.

He is a 6 month old pit mix who has made himself quite comfortable in our home and our hearts.  He’s great with my kids, ages 2 and 4 and their friends, greets each and every person who comes to our door with a wiggly wagging body- because Loki doesn’t just wag his tail, it’s a whole body motion- and tons of kisses.  He even sleeps on the couch with our cats snuggled right up together.  This is particularly amazing, since saying my cats don’t care for dogs is the understatement of a decade.  We have had him a week and he is completely house trained, and only has to be crated when we leave the house for an extended time- sometimes he mistakes the kids’ toys for his own but hasn’t destroyed anything.

Honestly, he’s simply the most amazing dog I have ever owned.  I grew up with labs, shepards, and a pomeranian, and this dog is by far the most loyal and lovable guy.  There isn’t a nasty bone in his body, we don’t have to worry about nipping or growling.  And forget barking.  He only barks maybe once or twice to let us know there’s something going on.

Many of our extended family were cautious about our adopting a pit into a house with small children.  Like many others, they only hear the horror stories the media presents to them, but upon meeting Loki, let’s just say their eyes have been opened to a whole different side of the breed.  Thank you all so much for giving this guy a second chance and bringing him into our lives!  We couldn’t imagine our lives without him now!”

I'm just the cutest !!!

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