Story of Humphrey

27 Dec

Humphrey Comes Home

As lifelong animal lovers our house has always been blessed with the joy of pets – rarely having just one at a time.

When my wife and I went to buy a home we did so knowing we would always have God’s beautiful creatures living with us. While some people looked for homes with master bathrooms or breakfast nooks our priorities moved towards a big yard for our dogs to run and cool little hideaways spots for our cats to retreat. Our little daughter has also inherited our love for pets so it is safe to say we have an animal haven.

Our current “cat” roster consists of three terrific animals. There is “Sugar” the Himalayan and very much the Queen of the group. We have “Simon” a black domestic short hair whom we picked up through another shelter. Simon is the only male cat and likes to show off for the lady cats by catching whatever he can whenever he can. And the new cat “Millie May” a Tortie who we rescued at just 8 weeks from an old golf course equipment shed. She was weak and frail then but full of life now!

As for dogs we have always favored the Beagles or Beagles mixes. We had one of the best Beagles of all time named “Roscoe”. He was a beautiful Beagle male, very kind, rarely barked, and loved just everyone. He left us way too soon in life after just ten short years. We were not as fortunate with our next Beagle and when she left us we felt like maybe our dogs days were over. That is until we found Humphrey!!!

We found Humphrey through at Charm City Rescue. We loved him from the moment we met him at the Foster parent’s home. He is a gentle, obedient, fun loving dog who just wanted to be loved and a second chance. He already rules the yard! And yes – he loves the cats!!!

He has filled a giant void we’ve felt since our dear Roscoe and that was something we thought impossible. The similarities between them are amazing.

We are blessed to have him and he has a home for life.

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