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Starlee and Kiley Our Happy Home

25 Oct

Beth recently wrote to us with an update on how her two darling kitties are doing. We are so happy that you decided to share your story with us.

Starlee and Kiley (formerly Annie and Abby) are truly darling little cats, and I’m so glad to have them in my life. They’re named for amazing and talented women, Starlee Kine of This American Life and Jenny Lewis of the band Rilo Kiley. The girls were born on a Baltimore porch while a group of unruly boys threw rocks at their momma cat. Luckily, the homeowner called BARCS and BARCS called Michelle to foster them. Starlee is the oldest of the litter, and Kiley is the youngest.

Starlee is very smart and quick to snuggle. Kiley is a trickster and loves to chase. I was really afraid to adopt 2 kittens at the same time, but it turned out to be such a great thing. They keep each other warm, happy and entertained. And they even learn good habits (like scratching the right spots) from one another. And it hasn’t really been any more work then having one kitten. Except that sometimes I wish I had more hands tickle them.

Both cats have the softest fur ever. Michelle likens them to little bunnies. They both get along really well with my dog, Gonzo. Starlee kneads his back and hips as if she’s giving him a massage. And Kiley delights in chasing his wagging tail. Starlee was featured on This American Life’s Listener photo blog http://www.thisamericanlife. org/node/4193 . (Go about 2/3rds of the way down the page.)

Is it nap time yet.

The Story of Stella

13 Oct

Stella was a feral cat that lived in an alley behind Chris’ Seafood in Canton. For two years, I fed this cat and promised her that one day I would take her home and give her a better life. In June of 2009, I trapped her and her two babies. This is her story.

Stella the once feral cat.

After two years of feeding Stella, I noticed that she had kittens and I knew it was time that I got this girl and her little ones a home. After a week of trying, I was finally able to trap her and bring her in. She hid under the bed for a good two months before deciding that it was alright to be close the the human and explore the house. She started with a window seat and things moved on from there. It wasn’t long before she learned that getting love and attention was a good thing. Her thoughts, “Let the back scratching keep coming”.

Now a year and a half after being brought in off the street, Stella is a happy cat who loves all the attention she gets from her adoptive family. Oh and did we mention that she just loves kittens.

Stella Loves Kittens