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7 Mar

Our first cat of the day today is Heidi, who is STILL without any inquiries! Heidi is about a year old, and gets along really well with cats and dogs. She will sleep on your bed with you if you let her, especially if she can keep your feet warm. She’s a little vocal, very playful, and the mother to 11 kids last year, who have all been adopted. Heidi has been waiting in rescue for NINE months now for a family! Please share her, or if you know someone looking to adopt, tell them about Heidi. Thanks!

Cat of the Day Urgent

5 Mar

Today’s cat of the day is Gracie, a wonderful little girl who’s been waiting all winter on a spot in the rescue. Gracie has been fully vetted, but is in need of a foster asap! She is a little bit of a thing, weighing only 5lbs. She was born August 19th, and purrs loudly while “making biscuits!” If you’d like to foster or adopt Gracie, please let us know asap by emailing or fill out an application.

Cat of the Day

15 Feb

Today’s cat of the day is our brand new rescue, Blue. He is a realllly big boy, with cheeks like a chipmunk who’s stocking up for the winter. Blue is an incredibly gorgeous kitty, with fur as soft as a bunny. He came into the rescue content and has meshed well with the other cats. He even slept right in front of the dogs last night, but he may have been showing off. Blue is neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative for Felv/FIV. To adopt him, please fill out an application on the sidebar, or via our website.

Cat of the Day

3 Feb

Today’s cat of the day is Luna! I’m not very good with knowing breeds, as my favorite cat comes off the street or out of a shelter and is made up of half the neighborhoods genetics, but I’m told that she’s a lilac point Himalayan. She doesn’t have a flat face though, so who knows. I can say she’s a pretty small girl, vocal, and has a very loud purr! She doesn’t really get rambunctious like some cats (looking at you, Hoss), she’s more of a lap warmer. To adopt Luna, please fill out an application on the sidebar, or on our website!

Cat of the Day

30 Jan

Today’s cat of the day is Sebastian, a long haired ball of love with a pink nose. This guy melts right into your arms when you pick him up and he loves sleeping with you. His idea of the best day ever involves your lap, your hands, and sardines! He has adjusted really well to the other foster cats and my dogs, and hasn’t hissed or growled at all. He might just be the perfect cat! To adopt Sebastian, please fill out an application.