Fostering is the heart of animal rescue. You are the sole reason why an animal is able to leave whatever bad situation it was in, and begin a new life. You are the first part of a new journey of love, care, and affection, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly!  The length of time you can foster is as long or short as you’re able to open your home. Even if you can only keep a kitty overnight, you’re still an important part of it’s journey out of a shelter and into a forever home. Fosters do not pay for vet care, the rescue does. We can provide food, crates, and litterboxes/bowls. Any supplies that the foster purchases for a rescue animal is tax deductible, so we ask that all fosters keep receipts.

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Need more convincing? Check out what our foster moms have to say!

“I have been fostering with Charm City Animal Rescue for a little over 1 year now. I say “fostering with”, instead of “for”, because CCAR truly is a network of selfless fosters who work together to save lives. A passionate team of committed volunteers, CCAR is tirelessly endeavoring to improve the quality of life for all of its charges while educating the community who support them. The men and women in this group are constantly encouraging each other and offering knowledgeable advice to new fosters and pet owners alike. Personally, I have found their integrity and bravery to be inspirational. They are unafraid to rescue less desirable pets and, when they do, they do so with so much love and compassion! Every day I spend with my foster, and with these volunteers, inspires me to challenge myself in my capacity for generousity, compassion, and empathy….and I love a good challenge!” -Rosie, foster of Avalon