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Foster families are a huge part of our success! Without them, we would not be able to do what we do. Please take a couple minutes to fill out this Foster Application. THANK YOU!

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Please list everyone that lives in your home. Include their names, ages, and their relationship to you.

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If you selected rent or live with someone, please provide the contact information (name, email/phone) for the owners of the home here.

Sometimes our animals come from shelters with an Upper Respiratory Infection or other illness that require medicine. In order to protect your personal pets, we ask:

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Now, to the fun stuff! Please tell us about what kind of animals you would like to foster! Please check all from the list that would apply and use the space below to elaborate or tell us something not on the check list!

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Please read each item below and indicate your agreement.

Do you agree that you are responsible for food, litter, and anything extra such as treats, beds, etc.?

Do you understand that CCAR provides all vet care, but in the emergency situation agree to notify us if you choose to take an animal to a vet and pay for it yourself, and in return will be reimbursed or given a tax receipt (your choice).

Do you agree that if you no longer wish to foster, you will return the animal to Charm City Animal Rescue

Do you acknowledge and agree that fostering an animal is by no means an adoption and the animal can be reclaimed at any time. Adopters always have first choice of adoption, but none is final until an adoption contract is signed.

Lastly, please use this space to tell us any questions or concerns you may have about fostering so that we can address them at the beginning.

Without fosters, we couldn't do what we do! So, THANK YOU for considering opening your heart and your home to one of our kitties! We will be in touch shortly!